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Pest Control and Removal in Hampshire

Friday 20th of July 2018

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Wasp and Insect Pest Control in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

Total Pest Control Ltd offer a wide range of solutions for the removal or control of unwanted insects, bugs, ants, flies, fleas, wasps or other pests that have infested your premises. We specialise in bee and wasp nest removal throughout London, Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Bee, Hornets and Wasp Management in Berkshire

Total Pest Control Ltd provide a 24 hour wasp, bee and hornet removal service throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. We specialise in safe and efficient wasp nest removals which we can usually carry out on a same day basis.

Wasp nest removal is usually carried out by treating the nest entrance with an insecticide that the wasps transfer throughout the nest within 12 hours leading to the nest destruction.

Flea and Fly Control in Hampshire and Berkshire

One of the most effective methods for removing a flea pest from your home or other property is through fumigation. Fleas can often become embedded within carpets and furniture making them very difficult to remove from cleaning and washing alone. Our specialist flea, fly, and bug removal experts can effectively control any pest infestation.

Insect and Ant removal in Surrey and Hampshire

Ants are a problem that can effect your home and garden all year round. Our experienced team of ant and insect pest control experts can remove the infestation of ants using various methods including insecticides and baits which the ants will take back to the nest as larvae feed.

Pest Control in Hampshire

To find out more about how we can assist with wasp, ant, flea or other pest control in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey or the surrounding areas, pleas call us today on 07973 700 006 or complete our contact form.