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Pest Control and Removal in Hampshire

Friday 20th of July 2018

Phone Number: 07973 700 006

Animal Pest Control in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire

Total Pest Control Ltd are available throughout Berkshire, Hampshire Surrey and London to provide a reliable and efficient pest control service to remove unwanted vermin and wild animals causing damage and a health hazard to your property.

Mouse and Rat Control in Berkshire and Hampshire

We can irradiate the menace caused by rat and mice infestation during 3 to 4 visits. We will begin by investigating the property and assessing the controls required. If the rats have become resistant to the regular poisons, we will manage the problem with outdoor traps, gassing, dogs or indoor anticoagulant which has no known resistance.

Squirrel Control in Surrey and Berkshire

We rarely use poisons to remove a squirrel pest and usually use humane cage traps. The use of traps is a more effective solution to poison and is also safer to the local wildlife.

Fox and Deer Management in Berkshire

Fox and deer management often requires a combination of methods including traps, proofing and shooting. When a fox is trapped, we will ensure that they are released humanely in an area away from where they will cause problems.

Mole Catching in Hampshire and Berkshire

Our team of mole control experts can usually locate and clear an area of hundreds of acres from moles within 3 to 4 days. Most domestic mole catching will only require about 2 visits to resolve the problem.

Pest Control in Hampshire

If you require a specialist pest control service for the removal of foxes, squirrels, deer, mice, rats, moles or other pest species, please call us today on 07973 700 006 to find out how we can help.